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Are you an author working on a digital humanities project and want to know more about building and completing your project? Check out the KairosCamp Author Workshops, a free two-week residential institute at West Virginia University! Deadline for proposals is March 1, 2018. KairosCamp runs June 4-15, 2018.

Are you an editor working on publishing scholarly multimedia content and want to learn more about the processes of editing and publishing such content? Two KairosCamp Editor Workshops are being offered this year at the Library Publishing Forum and Association of University Presses. Read more here or stay tuned to their conference websites to register for free!


“The project I worked on during KairosCamp was awarded the CCCC Emerging Researcher Grant. At KCamp, the staff helped me think through everything from the audience, framing, significance, methods, and presentation. I am 100% sure their mentoring made all the difference. It was an honor to work with them.” —Patricia Fancher

“KairosCamp helps you refine and conceptualize digital projects by working with experts in the field. The realtime feedback and collaboration is invaluable and provides a jumpstart on putting together your best work right from the start.”

“KairosCamp was a gift. It was a call into competence for many of us who were scared and a bit clueless. The guided time (the sessions) and supported time (generally with staff, but also with each other) moved each of our projects in ways that would never have happened at our home institutions.”

“This has been great for conceptualizing and contextualizing DH projects so we can talk about them more productively with colleagues, grant committees, and just actually get them done. Worth every minute.”

“This was a true gift of time, scholarship, expertise, mentoring, planning. I was truly inspired by the work of junior colleagues and leave motivated to continue this work.”


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