Author Workshop Archive

From Concept to Work Plan – Summer 2017

Authors will be participating in hands-on workshops that will help forward their digital humanities projects. They will move from the conception of a project idea to a proposal, work plan, or prototype.

By the time authors leave these workshops, they will have learned to

  • analyze existing multimedia scholarship for precedence and models
  • finalize media-specific research questions
  • select the correct media, technology, and platforms for their project
  • examine possible venues to publish their project and plan for matching that venue’s submission/publication guidelines
  • draft and peer-review in-progress work products (e.g., scripts, storyboards, proposals, etc.) based on the proposed venue’s evaluation criteria
  • create a workplan to complete a project

Authors attending the Summer 2017 workshop might also leave with proposal materials suitable for applying to the NEH-Mellon Fellowship for Digital Publication.


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