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Principal Faculty

Cheryl Ball's headshot photoCheryl E. Ball is Associate Professor of Digital Publishing Studies at West Virginia University and has been editor of the peer-reviewed, open-access journal Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy for 15 years. She teaches classes and workshops internationally on editing, multimedia authoring, and digital publishing and is Executive Director of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals. She directs the newly inaugurated Digital Publishing Institute at WVU Libraries and is co-PI on a $1 million Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to build an open-source academic publishing platform, Vega. In this proposed set of workshops, Ball is responsible for creating the curriculum, leading the workshops and seminars, and ensuring participant satisfaction. Her Twitter handle is @s2ceball.

headshot photo of Douglas EymanDouglas Eyman is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing at George Mason University. His most recent book, Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice, was published by the University of Michigan Press in 2015, and, with Ball, has recently co-authored more than a half-dozen articles on digital media publishing and technical infrastructures. Eyman has held a number of editorial roles on Kairos since 1996; he is currently the Senior Editor and Publisher. Eyman will serve as a project mentor and facilitator for both sets of workshops and provide presentations on issues related to the technical, scholarly, and social infrastructures that support digital scholarship and online publication. His Twitter handle is @eymand.


headshot photo of David RiederDavid M. Rieder is Associate Professor of English, Co-Director of Circuit Research Studio, and Associate Director of the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media PhD program at NC State University. Recent scholarly and creative works include the co-edited collection, Small Tech, a forthcoming book titled Suasive Iterations: Rhetoric, Writing, and Physical Computing, essays and award-winning scholarship in Kairos, Computers and Composition Online, Hyperrhiz, Present Tense, Itineration, and Enculturation, and numerous digital interactive works. He serves on the editorial board of Kairos. In this institute, Rieder is responsible for contributing to the seminar sessions on rhetorical and technical design issues and working one-on-one with authors to help them build their projects. His Twitter handle is @dmrieder.

headshot photo of Madeleine SorapureMadeleine Sorapure is Senior Lecturer and Director of the Writing Program at UC Santa Barbara, where she has been teaching courses in digital and multimodal composing for the past two decades. Sorapure designed and directs the Multimedia Communication track of the Professional Writing Minor at UC Santa Barbara. As editor of Kairos’s Inventio section, Sorapure has helped novice and expert authors develop their multimedia-rich scholarship. She has published her own award-winning multimedia scholarship in Kairos, as well as print publications on information visualization, digital autobiographical writing, popular culture, and Web 2.0, among other topics. In this institute, Sorapure is responsible for contributing to the seminar sessions on rhetorical and technical design issues and working one-on-one with authors. Her Twitter handle is @msorapure.

headshot photo of Karl StolleyKarl Stolley is Associate Professor of Digital Writing & Rhetoric in the Department of Humanities at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Stolley teaches courses on web design and development, information architecture, and humanizing technology. He directs Gewgaws Lab, a digital design and development research group and physical lab space dedicated to investigating open-source technologies. Stolley is the author of the book How to Design and Write Web Pages Today (Greenwood Press, 2011; 2nd edition under contract). His publications have appeared in IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, and Kairos. In this proposed institute, Stolley is responsible for contributing to the seminar sessions on rhetorical and technical design issues and working one-on-one with authors to help them build their projects. His Twitter handle is @karlstolley.


headshot photo of Demi Fuentes RamirezDemi Fuentes Ramirez is a first year Professional Writing and Editing graduate student at WVU and the Associate Director of KairosCamp. She is a teaching assistant and a research assistant. If she is not working on a current project, you can find her reading a book, listening to music, or playing at the dog park with friends. Her Twitter handle is @demiYfuentes.



headshot photo of Lydia WelkerLydia Welker is a graduate of the Professional Writing and Editing program at WVU and works with the “digital” portion of the DPI. When she’s not learning a new coding language or reading a new book, you can find her talking to strangers on the street, cooking food with pretentious sounding ingredients, or memorizing poetry for fun. Her Twitter handle is @lydiamaewelker.