Principal Faculty

Cheryl Ball's headshot photoCheryl E. Ball is Director of the Digital Publishing Collaborative at Wayne State University Library. Since 2006, Ball has been editor of the online peer-reviewed open-access journal Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, which exclusively publishes digital media scholarship. Her recent research in editorial workflows and digital publishing infrastructures can be found in multiple journals and edited collections, as well as on her personal repository, She is the Project Director for Vega, an open-access multimedia academic publishing platform, and serves as the executive director of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals. In this proposed set of workshops, Ball is responsible for creating the curriculum, leading the workshops and seminars, and ensuring participant satisfaction. Her Twitter handle is @s2ceball.

headshot photo of Douglas EymanDouglas Eyman is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing at George Mason University. His most recent book, Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice, was published by the University of Michigan Press in 2015, and, with Ball, has recently co-authored more than a half-dozen articles on digital media publishing and technical infrastructures. Eyman has held a number of editorial roles on Kairos since 1996; he is currently the Senior Editor and Publisher. Eyman will serve as a project mentor and facilitator for both sets of workshops and provide presentations on issues related to the technical, scholarly, and social infrastructures that support digital scholarship and online publication. His Twitter handle is @eymand.



headshot of Stephanie VieStephanie Vie is Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida. She is the managing editor for Kairos and a consulting editor for the Community Literacy Journal. She is a former project director with the Computers and Composition Digital Press and has worked in an editorial capacity with the journal Rhetoric Review. Her work has appeared in such journals as First Monday, Computers and Composition, Technoculture, and Computers and Composition Online, and her textbook E-Dentity (Fountainhead Press, 2011) examines the impact of social media on twenty-first century literacies. For the editor workshops, Vie draws on her expertise with scholarly and multimodal editing to help facilitate workshops on developmental and design-level editing. Her Twitter handle is @digirhet.

Headshot of Michael FarisMichael J. Faris is an Assistant Professor in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. He has published about social media and mobile devices in the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Composition Forum, College Composition and Communication, and Communication Design Quarterly. He is an associate editor of Kairos and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on publications management and new media as well as directs the Media Lab in Texas Tech’s English Department. For the editor workshops, Faris draws on his expertise with scholarly and multimodal editing to help facilitate workshops on developmental and design-level editing.